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Know Someone Who Would Benefit By Selling Their House?



We work closely with professionals who are helping homeowners in various situations. Some of our most satisfied clients come from professional referrals including:

  • Divorce Attorneys
  • Financial Planners
  • Estate & Probate Attorneys

If you have a client that would benefit from selling their house quickly and for cash please let us know. We reward all referrals and try to build mutually benefical relationships for reciprocal business.

Professional Referrals


Individual Referral

If you know of a friend, family member or neighbor that would benefit from selling their house fast we would love to help. We pay a referral fee of $1000 for a house we purchase and you help solve the homeowner's problem.

Think of people you know that are in the following situations:

  • Divorce
  • Inherited real estate
  • Landlords tired of renting
  • Facing foreclosure

Individual  Referrals