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Know Someone Who Would Benefit By Selling Their House?

Lender Referrals

Lender Referral If you have a client that owns a home and needs to sell fast we can offer all cash and take the property in any condition. We understand there are times that mortgage customers have limited options due to regulations and laws recently passed. This could be especially true for those customers trying to apply for a reverse mortgage where regulations limit your ability to qualify them for this type of loan.

There may be a way we can help solve the customer's issue by purchasing their house and you look like a true professional for finding them a solution. Our goal is to solve homeowner's problems by offering the following:

All Cash Offers Any Condition No Fees
Close in 10 days No Commissions No Need To Repair House

The relationship between you and your clients is based on trust so we understand it is our responsibility to maintain that integrity when you refer them to us. Our goal is to provide solutions to homeowners by offering a quick way to sell their property.

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The most successful relationships happen because each party is equally rewarded for their involvement. This opportunity can help the homeowner solve an immediate problem which enhances your professional image and ability to help in the future. We understand the most valuable clients are those that continue to use your services and refer you to others.

Simply fill out the following form or call us, and we’ll pay you a cash finders fee for any house we buy from your referral. All referrals are private and confidential. If we purchase the home, we will call you to let you know that you have qualified for a referral fee. If for some reason you cannot receive a referral fee, or you prefer, we can donate the referral fee to a local charity.

Who Can We Help?

Complete this form to refer a homeowner to us:

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We do not sell your information to anyone. All information is kept confidential and secure.
Before we contact the homeowner we will contact the referrer for more information.

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HOW DO I Refer Someone To RESCO?

You have a few options when sending us a referral:

  1. Submit the online form
  2. Call 720-378-7565

We would love to get to know you and your business for future relationships. Anyway that you contact us we will always check with you prior to contacting the homeowner. This way you can let us know their situation and how we can help.

If you prefer to stay anonymous please let us know.


Need more information about our process? Read some commonly asked questions that homeowners have.

Sell House Fast FAQ


We Buy Houses in Colorado in Any Condition

Below is our preferred criteria when looking at an investment purchase. This list of specific items is meant to help you determine if the house would be a good fit for your customer it is not all encompassing. If you have a homeowner that may benefit from our cash offer but doesn't fit the following criteria please contact us to see if it is a property we are interested in.

Please Call With Any Questions 720-378-7565

Our Criteria:

At least 900 sqft 2+ Bedrooms Single Family Homes* Price up to $700k**

* We prefer SFR homes but will consider multi-family on a case by case basis
** Pricing is based on what our cash offer price will be. In Denver we focus on houses ranging from $150k to $700k

Preferred Locations:

Denver Littleton Centennial Highlands Ranch
Sunnyside Lakewood Greenwood Village Aurora